Rage Story Videos

rage story videos

Sometimes you gotta watch out and spot things before they develop into something bad. Just like this time. Watch our guy here keep an eye on his girlfriend. As soon as he sees her launching an online messenger on her computer with a clear intention to chat with his brother, he does not waste a second. He knows they might as well be plotting to have sex! Before she knows, he nails her real hard, pushing all thoughts of infidelity out with his throbbing dick. She knew she deserved that, so she welcomed every thrust however hard!

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rage story pictures

Hell, it wasn’t easy to get over the fact that his girlfriend slept with his brother on her birthday. But the guy was trying. Being a nice guy that he was, he visited his girl at work one day. Boy did she look pretty in that outfit and snow white stockings. But those flowers on her table, why did she have to have them? This was too strong a reminder about that damn birthday. The guy felt anger – and arousal! Watch him whip out the cock of justice and punish the bitch. She took every second of that harsh fuck like the guilty bitch she was!

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rage story password

Sometimes it looks innocent but conceals some dirty mystery. Just like this time! Watch the girlfriend play with their pet carelessly. It could have been sweet, if she hadn’t had sex with her boyfriend’s brother trying to leave the pet at his place while they were away! Memories rushed through the guy’s brain, and rage mixed with extreme arousal. The punishment came in the shape of a rough fuck, something she knew she had deserved.

Rage Story Tube

rage story tube

When he was rushing home after a pretty damn hard day at work, the guy expected anything but seeing the girlfriend he liked so much in the middle of some crazy party. What a worthless bitch she is! This wasn’t her first time. Once he saw her like this, and that night she fucked his own brother! The memory was too fucked up just to go away like this. He poured some water on the whore to wake her up so she remembers every thrust of the punish-and-hate fuck he was about to deliver. She took every filthy thing like a good, though guilty girl she was!

Revenge Fucks For Cheaters

revenge fucks for cheaters

You know how silly girls sometimes are. Getting emotional and even superstitious about stuff. But you have to watch what you get emotional about! This girl was an easy target for her jealous boyfriend that one night. He was home from work, really damn tired, and what was she doing? Laying out a game of solitaire with a photo of a man! To make things worse, it was his brother. The world went dim in his eyes and the guy turned into a sex beast ready to pound her into guilty sorrow. She knew she did wrong when she slept with his brother, that’s why she took this hate fuck with natural obedience.